The Ultimate List of Hen Party Games for your Hen Night!

  • Wedding Dress Game

    Get everyone on their feet and dress them in a loo roll wedding dress!

  • Mr and Mrs Quiz

    A Mr and Mrs Quiz is a Great way to find out how well the Hen really knows the Groom!

  • Never Have I Ever

    One of the most well known Hen Party Games - Have You Ever..?

  • Mr and Mrs Questions

    We've Listed the BEST Mr and Mrs Questions available on the Web!

  • Hen Party Dares

    If you're looking for a Great Selection of Hen Party Dares, you'll find them here.

  • Thumbs

    A Great Drinking Game that requires a close eye on the rest of the Hen Party group to win.

  • Pin the Kiss on the Model

    Can you Pin your Kiss on the Model the closest to his Lips??

  • Dough Modeling

    Play this Dough Moulding Game - you'll have the entire Hen Party in fits of laughter.

  • Drinking Time

    Another GREAT Drinking Game to play on your Hen Night.. Can you all keep track of the time?

  • Ladies Rules

    Be sure to check which hand you're drinking from if you want to win this game.

  • Truth or Dare or Drink

    A Classic Truth of Dare Game thats perfect for any Hen Party!

  • Tell Him

    Are you brave enough to 'Tell Him' what you've just been caught saying?

  • Hen Party Names

    The perfect start to any Hen Do is to give everyone Hen Party Names!

  • Drinking 21

    This is the PERFECT drinking game to get the night started and the drinks flowing.

  • Pin The Body Part

    Can you Pin the Body Part in the right place?

  • Blow Up Man

    You simply MUST have a Blow up Man on your Hen Party Night!