Wedding Dress Game

If you’re looking to get the girls in that party mood, and want to play a hen party game that ties in really well with the upcoming wedding, this might just be the game for you! It’s a great way to get into the spirit of the occasion, and can be played both at home or even on a night out.

The idea of the game is simple – you’re looking for the team that can make the best Wedding Dress!!

  1. To start with, you’ll need to prepare some materials to make a wedding dress. Ideally you’ll want at least 2 toilet rolls per team, along with items such as tin foil and coloured tissue paper to accessorise. Get some glue so they can hold it all together, and possibly some string if you don’t want to be too messy!
  2. Split the group into teams of 3. Hand each team the materials you’ve prepared.
  3. Ask the teams to choose a team leader. This will be the person that has to wear the dress!
  4. Give the teams a 5 minute time limit, and in this time tell them they need to use the materials provided to create a wedding dress for the team leaders.
  5. Generally the girls will start by wrapping the toilet rolls around the leader, making what resembles a white dress before adding tin foil stars and shapes.
  6. At the end of the game, ask everyone to vote for the best dress (they can’t vote for their own!). The team with the most votes wins the game!

You can decide whether to offer a prize for the winning team. This is the perfect game to get lots of funny photos to put on Facebook the next day!! It’s one of those games that last about 20 minutes, so you’ll want to make sure you have other games prepared to play straight after to keep the spirits high.

Look out for teams that make veils and white shoes – these items deserve extra votes so perhaps you could offer a prize for anyone that thinks outside the box.

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