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A Classic Hen Party Game that regularly gets played on Hen Parties across the country is a Mr and Mrs Quiz. This is a very common game for a Hen Party as it fits in with the theme of the party extremely well!

What makes this game a big hit on a Hen Party is that it gives the guests a chance to quiz the Hen on anything they can think of about her husband to be. The timing for a Mr and Mrs Quiz couldn’t be better, as the Hen will be weeks (or often days!) from Marrying her future husband – and so what better excuse than to test her knowledge and find out how well she really knows him!

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What’s more, a Mr and Mrs Quiz is also very popular because it gives the Hen Party Guests and opportunity to get to know the Groom a bit better – and give a talking point for the wedding day if they don’t know the groom particularly well! Read on, to learn how to play ‘Mr and Mrs Quiz’.


This is the most important part of this Hen Party Game. You’ll need to complete the preparation as early as possible, as very often you’ll be let down by the Groom if you don’t give him enough notice! Put together a list of questions and give them to the Groom to answer. Make sure he doesn’t tell the Hen anything about this game – as it’ll just give her an opportunity to cheat! To help, we’ve listed some great Mr and Mrs Questions in the next section.

How to Play Mr and Mrs Quiz

Playing a Mr and Mrs Quiz is simple. Take the questions you asked the Groom, and pass them round the Hen Party Guests. Keep the answers to yourself though – as you don’t want the Hen taking a peek at the answers and ruining the Quiz!

Once everyone has seen the questions, go round the group one at a time and ask the Hen a question from the list. The reason you want everyone to ask a question is that it keeps the whole group involved, which makes the Quiz more entertaining.

Once a question has been asked – the Hen needs to say what she thinks is the right answer. She’ll really want to get the answers to the Mr and Mrs Quiz right, as it’ll show that she knows her future husband well, and that they’re well suited!

The sort of questions you should be asking the Hen to answer about the Groom are:

  • What Color are his Eyes?
  • What size waist are his trousers?
  • What is his favorite football team?
  • What size are his shoes?
  • What is his date of birth?
  • Where was he born?
  • What is his favorite food?
  • How many Children does he want?
  • What is he most scared of?
  • What is his most embarrassing moment?
  • What is his guilty pleasure?
  • When did he have his first kiss?
  • How much does he weigh?
  • How much does he earn a year?
  • What is his best feature?
  • What newspaper does he read?
  • What did he want to be as a child?

Of course there are many other questions you could use for a Mr and Mrs Quiz – it really depends on the type of bride/groom you’re catering for, and how personal you think you can go without offending either party. Remember, the Groom needs to answer these questions before you can play the game – so it’d be no good going to him with very awkward questions as you probably won’t get an answer!

It’s worth keeping a score on how many questions the Hen gets right, and then at the end presenting her with a percentage of how well she knows her Husband to be! No doubt – the Groom will be very interested in hearing how well she’s done!

Mr and Mrs Quiz – Alternate Version

You could also turn this game around by asking the Groom to answer questions about the Hen, and then on the night ask the same questions to the Hen and see whether she can guess how her Groom Answered!

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  1. Gobananas Party says:

    Mr and Mrs Quiz Game is a good game that can be played in a hen party game. There are some more other interesting games that are good for this day. Try these – Bridal Shower, The Pantyhose Game, Pass the Parcel .

  2. Sarah says:

    I love this game we played it on my hen night last weekend.

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