Mr and Mrs Questions

Mr and Mrs Quiz

Introduction A Classic Hen Party Game that regularly gets played on Hen Parties across the country is a Mr and Mrs Quiz. This is a very common game for a Hen Party as it fits in with the theme of the party extremely well! What makes this game a big hit on a Hen Party is that it gives the More


Wedding Dress Game

If you’re looking to get the girls in that party mood, and want to play a hen party game that ties in really well with the upcoming wedding, this might just be the game for you! It’s a great way to get into the spirit of the occasion, and can be played both at home or even on a night More

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Touches to Make the Hen Feel Extra Special

Without a doubt – the Hen Night is one of the most important nights out a girl will have! Girls go out on nights out for their Birthdays, Anniversaries, Promotions etc – but they’ll only ever have ONE Hen Night. For this reason – its important the Hen is made to feel as special as possible. You only get one More


Never Have I Ever

A classic and well known Hen Party Game – perfect if you need a few extra games to play on the night, but want one with minimal preparation work needed! There are a few variations of this game – we’ll explain them all below: Never Have I Ever – Standard Version Sit the group in a circle so that everyone More

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Back to School

Here’s another great Hen Night Theme that can be used if you’re on a budget and want minimal effort. There is two ways of pulling this theme off.. School Uniform – Ask the Hen Night Attendees to come dressed in a School Uniform. This can either be their old School Uniform from when you were all at school (if it More

colour code hen party

Colour Code Your Hen Party

This Hen Night Theme is Perfect if you’re looking for a cost effective way to have a ‘Themed’ night – but without the expense of asking everyone to buy a fancy dress outfit! Lets face it – Themed Party Nights are the perfect way to stand out from the crowd and draw more attention to the Party. If you can More

Mr and Mrs Questions

Mr and Mrs Questions

Mr and Mrs Questions are an essential part of any Hen Do. The idea of Mr and Mrs Questions is to find out how well the Hen knows the Bachelor. To do this you ask the Bachelor some questions about Himself, and then ask the Hen the same questions and see whether she gets the same answers. Mr and Mrs More


What is a Hen Party?

Are you wondering what a Hen Party is? Have you been asked to organize a Hen Party but you aren’t sure exactly what you should be including? Well then you’ve come to the right page! Read below and all your questions will be answered.. So What is a Hen Party? A Hen Party is an event celebrated solely by a More


Hen Party Dares

We’ve built a comprehensive list of THE BEST Hen Party Dares that can be used on your Hen Party Night to make the Event even more interesting and fun for the people involved. Do with these as you please, but do so at your own risk! These Dares are perfect to use with these other great games: Truth Dare or More


Here’s another great Hen Party Game to play during a night out on the tiles, to encourage guests to socialize and get the drinks flowing. You’ll need to get comfortable in a nice bar or pub, sitting around a large table with plenty of drinks to hand (as the forfeit for losing the game is that you have to drink More

The Best Hen Party Planning Advice

Planning a Hen Party can be a daunting task. Not only will you need to invite people you may not have met before – but you’ll have to plan a night that will satisfy these new people as well as the Hen! Planning need not be a problem with these fantastic Planning Tips from Hen Party Games: Communicate with the More

Pin the Kiss on the Model

This is a similar game to our Pin The Body Part Game, but requires even less accessories to organize. This game works best with either a funny poster – such as an old man – or with a more serious poster like the Hen’s childhood dream man. The aim of the game is simple – pin a kiss on the More

Dough Modeling

This sort of game is ideally played at home or in a purpose built location (i.e. a Hen Party Holiday Camp etc). You’ll need to make a few purchases to enable playing of this Hen Party Game – but the rewards will be worth it, and will be a great ice breaker at the start of the Hen Party to More

Drinking Time

Another classic Hen Party Game, which can be played throughout the evening to provide all night entertainment. This one is very similar to the ‘Ladies Rules’ Hen Party Game – but instead of using a single hand to drink from throughout the night, you switch hands depending on the time. For this to work, you’ll need at least a few More

Ladies Rules

This is one of Hen Party Games all time favorites – owing mostly to it’s simplicity, and the fact you can adapt it to fit almost any situation. We’ll concentrate on the drinking aspect, but this can be used in many other scenarios where a left or right hand side is used (for example, eating with a knife and fork, More